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This is a letter to highly recommend the guide services of
Medieval Tours Company and Romania Jewish Tours both owned by
Eduard Popescu, whom I now call my Romanian “guardian angel”.


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With special thanks to my friend,
Victoria Zamorano an exceptional photographer from the USA,
for all the wonderful photographs that
she contributed to this site.


What Customers Say

  • "Dearest Eduard, And you definitely ARE "a Dear"!!!! You showed Larry and I the "Most Remarkable" Jewish Bucharest with entry into everywhere we wanted to go. At each place we visited there was a very warm personable person there to greet us, as you are well known and well liked with all the guides. This made it sooooo special having you as "our guide". You definitely "do your homework" and are very knowledgeable of ALL the Jewish history of ALL the places we visited. Your Romanian history is also well tuned and you were able to tell us information that ONLY a person of your knowledge and study would know. The SUV was perfect and a wonderful vehicle for us to travel it. We just arrived back in Atlanta last night, thus I apologize for the delay in this warm thank you. Do remember your Atlanta clients and friends, and if you ever need a recommendation, please use our name as you ARE THE BEST!!!!!! Our good wishes for a wonderful summer and life."  
    Sheila Wilensky
  • “I am emailing you to tell you what a wonderful time we had with you as our guide! I went to Romania in search of family history, but found so much more… a remarkable landscape and what I hope will be a lasting friendship. My mind is filled with images of Saxon villages, summer wildflowers in countryside and cemetery, painted Monasteries, nesting storks and so much more. I have already googled recipes for mamaliga and muraturi . But while Romania is wonderful in itself, it became spectacular under your guidance. Thank you so much for a wonderful , wonderful trip. In the meantime, I want you to know how much we appreciate your expertise and friendship. Until next time, when we can visit the wooden churches and Danube Delta.”
    Marci Gintis
  • “Dear Eduard - Alice and I want to thank you for the wonderful week we spent with you from May 28, 2011 to June 3, 2011. All of the arrangements that you made for us were excellent. However, even more important was the knowledge and the insights that we gained about Romania — the country of my Mother’s birth. We saw and learned a great deal in a week. Your personal connections with people and places “off the beaten path” greatly enhanced our trip. Of particular note was the Cistercian Abbey in Carta. Your friendship with the priest leading to a most interesting tour of this 800 year old site (as well as the invitation to his living quarters) was a true highlight of our tour. The ecumenical nature of your personal contacts also allowed us to visit some very interesting Jewish synagogues and gain interesting historical insights.”
    Ralph Stern

Romania. Your Heritage.

Romania is the country that gave birth to the Nobel Prize Winner – Elie Wiesel. It is a country with many beautiful and well preserved synagogues (98 synagogues and 802 Jewish cemeteries, at the last count). Romania is a country with a rich Jewish heritage. The modern story of Romania’s Jewish people mirrors the experience of other Eastern European Jewish communities: a dynamic cultural and spiritual life in the face of recurrent periods of anti-Semitism.

“Jewish people came from the most diverse locations and established here diverse cultures, architecture, giving Romania a diverse and wide-ranging heritage.”


frommersAlso putting together tours, this time for a clientele seeking sophisticated lodgings and looking for a touch of class and potentially specialized interests — like Jewish heritage, for example — is Eduard Popescu of Medieval Tours. Eduard will not only tailor-make a tour that will bring Romania to life in an especially memorable way, but he’ll also go above and beyond the call of duty to attend to special requests and unique interests. Fond of seeking out the undiscovered and not afraid to say it how it is, Eduard injects his tours with great charm and humor — if you want to discover the grown-up version of Romanian history and get under the country’s skin whilst seeing its most alluring sights, this is an especially satisfying option.”

Ottawa Citizen

ottawa“The affable Popescu seems to know everyone, and he is an evangelist for understanding a people through its articles of faith, be they in bricks or words.”